Con Confianza

S3.E4. Cheerfully Defying Stereotypes (Chandra Crane)

November 25, 2020 LaFe - InterVarsity's Latino Fellowship Season 3 Episode 4
Con Confianza
S3.E4. Cheerfully Defying Stereotypes (Chandra Crane)
Show Notes

In The Future is Mestizo, Fr. Virgilio Elizondo says: "The mestizo affirms both the identities received while offering something new to both." As we continue to explore Afrolatinidad, we brought in an expert on mixed ethnic identity to help us better understand the experiences and gifts of those in our community who come from mixed heritage.

Chandra Crane is an author, speaker, and resource specialist. In this interview, she and Steve discuss the census, what it's like to grow up mixed, what God and the Bible have to say to mixed people, and how we can take next steps in exploring our ethnic identities.

Chandra is also the author of the book Mixed Blessing, being released on December 15th from InterVarsity Press.

Steve mentions The Future is Mestizo by Fr. Virgilio Elizondo. This is a groundbreaking book on Latino ethnic identity and Hispanic theology.

The book Check All That Apply by Sundee Tucker Frazier has been a crucial exploration on mixed ethnic identity from a Christian perspective. Although the book is out of print, used copies can be found online.

Chandra's book Mixed Blessing is available for pre-order and will be released on December 15th. You can find it here: For a discount on the book, use offer code: OFFER21W.

To connect with Chandra directly, you can find her at She's available on Facebook at and on Instagram and Twitter as @chandralcrane.